Thursday, March 11, 2010

I know, I know - I'm behind

Okay, so we've been back from Disney for a month, and I'm finally getting around to uploading my photos. A lot's been going on since our return - I have a new dedicated computer just for photography, I've entered in to the world of Photoshop (and am seemingly paralyzed by my new options), the boys started t-ball (in two different leagues), I was sick for a week, traveled to DC and also entertained my parents for a weekend. But, enough excuses . . .

Disney was AMAZING! Yes, we froze every morning. Yes, it was one of the coldest weeks on record for that time of year, but nothing was going to deter the Andersons from making the most of it darn it! I have to admit I was a bit of a slave to my little Weather Channel app on my Blackberry praying somehow the forecast would change, but eventually I got over it and just piled on the warm clothes I did manage to pack for us.

This was longest amount of time I've ever spent at the Magic Kingdom (a week!), and it was worth every second. We got to see Grammy and Grandad, my brother and his family, we ate and ate, park-hopped every day and saw just about every Disney character ever created. I don't know what it was - maybe the time of year - but they were everywhere.

It really was a special week. There was no drama, the sun managed to shine, the hotel and other services were great, the boys were SO well behaved (and boy we saw some doozy kids while we were there - Veruca Salt comes to mind), we worked the Fast Pass system to the n-th degree and we all pooped out by 9pm every night (that's not lame, right?). And, for those of you who know how my husband feels about Disney (I mean the evil empire), even he managed to enjoy himself, "through the eyes of the boys" of course.

And, because I indicated this was our first family trip to Disney, we also got some fun perks: a voicemail from Goofy welcoming us to the hotel for our first family stay, a postcard from Mickey hand-delivered by a castmember wishing us a fun first stay, and a special escort on our last day to the front of the line (and boat) of Pirates of the Carribean by a castmember who noticed our first visit pins (yes we wore them). I just love all the ways Disney tries to make everyone's stay unique and special.

Anyway, here are a few pics from the trip. They're a bit all over the place - I've been playing with Photoshop and am still finding my way. Jenna if you're reading this I may call you for a quick tutorial. :)


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patty said...

Sam has changed so much...losing all of his baby face! The pictures are beautiful. I love the ones you took that have no one in them (that I love the ones with my fav boys and fav brother in them go without saying!), but those others? AMAZING!! I cannot wait for you to take our new family photos....hopefully soon:) and I'm thinking Stone Mountain.