Thursday, August 27, 2009

Put me in coach!

So, I'm finally writing the post that goes with the below video. The boys had their first t-ball game Tuesday night! After a few practices, Bill and I didn't have very high hopes for the team winning the World Series (or keeping the boys from picking grass in the outfield - see video), but we were both pleasantly surprised. Of course my goal for the night was to avoid being that screaming parent worried her kid was going to strike out (see video).

Being new to North Gwinnett t-ball, we learned that games are usually about an hour and a half (roughly time for 3-4 innings); each kid gets three coach pitches, then two swings off the tee if needed; and, my fave, if a side scores 5 runs they switch regardless of the number of outs. That's a good rule in particular since these little guys spend more time chasing the ball than actually playing the game because very few of them can catch.

Sam and Jack played both infield and outfield, and each scored a run. Sam batted second in the first inning and unfortunately did strike out in his debut at-bat. I just tried to remind myself (all while giving the appropriate "you'll-gettem'-next-time") that even Ryan Howard strikes out.

Oh, little boys and baseball! How adorable is 12 little boys running around the field, chasing baseballs, throwing to the wrong base, running to first without hitting the ball (Jack - see video) and generally keeping the parents in the stands laughing for that full hour and a half. This should be a really good year.

But, no matter the score (we did win) and who got the game ball (neither of my boys) THE MOST IMPORTANT THING was they had such a great time. When I asked what was the best part, Sam responded quickly: "EVERYTHING." Nuff said. They can play as long as they want.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let's play two!

Post to come later, but I wanted to get the video evidence posted!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time marches on

Yesterday was a big day in the Anderson household. Sam started Kindergarten and both boys began what I hope is a life-long love affair with sports when they attended their first t-ball practice. The school thing was more exciting for me than the boys I think. For them, it was a reason to get new clothes and cool sneakers - although both boys ARE wild about books (thankfully) and do love their school and teachers (hooray!). Jack told me the other day that he wants to learn, and when I asked him "learn about what?" he replied, "I just want to learn." I really hope he and Sam carry that philosophy throughout their lives as there is just so much out there to learn every day. Like for instance, did you know that a grouping of owls is called a parliament? I sure didn't - thanks Dad.

On to t-ball. After some late-night trade negotiations between the Cardinals and Royals, I managed to get an ace right-hander traded to his older brother's team (an apparent paperwork malfunction caused the two to be assigned to different clubs). But, lucky for them I minored in ESPN, and I know who Scott Boras is, so I know all about no-trade clauses, arbitration and the rookie minimum. This year it's cookies, Powerade and matching baseball pants. Not bad for a day's work in between conference calls, eh?

The boys loved practice, and while it will be a LONG year (I think all the 4-year-olds are on the Cardinals), Bill and I are looking forward to lots of laughs. We got the first few last night when Jack fielded the ball then ran it to first base instead of throwing it there. He sure is speedy though around the bases. And, if we can convince Sam that he doesn't have to hit a home run at every bat and that he actually has to play defense and can't bat all the time, we'll be in good shape!

They are both growing up so fast -- something that makes me weepy and happy at the same time . . .