Sunday, February 15, 2009

Family Time

This weekend Bill, the boys, my niece Shea and I went to visit Bill's sister (Shea's mom) and family in a little town outside of Columbia, SC. Basically, we've been hanging out, watching movies, making yummy desserts and laughing -- mostly at me. It's been fun just sitting around and being with each other (I worked too, but managed to tear myself away at least for today.)

Patty and Steve moved from Roswell, GA, shortly after this past Thanksgiving, and we miss having them closer. We were lucky to have them so close for about 9 months, but Steve was called to lead a church in this tiny town so of course we support him/them whole-heartedly. They're lucky to have him.

So today, we visited a little state park for some outside time. While the boys played, I snapped these shots, then ambushed everyone on this waterside swing. Luckily, there were no gators lurking nearby. (All black and white this time - sorta just happened.)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Taste of Spring

I love living in the South. At home in Philly, February usually means cold and snow - although not as snowy as March and April seem to be for some reason. But anyway, whatever the month is prior to May up North, you usually don't get 71 degrees on February 7th or 72 degrees on February 8th.

That's what we had here this weekend after a few consecutive days of stepping outside and wondering whether or not I had been mysteriously transported back home. Of course the boys wanted to take full advantage of the nice weather and went barreling into our growing leaf pile in the backyard. And of course, it deteriorated into a leaf fight and free for all shortly thereafter.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are all Sams beautiful?

Well I know mine is, and this little guy below certainly is as well.

"Little Sam," as my guys call him, turned 1 in January. The last time I photographed him and his family, Sam was crawling and easier to contain. Fast forward just two months and his mother, brother, grandmother and I chased a walking (sometimes running) Sam around the house for these shots. I love the one of those great big blue eyes.