Saturday, November 22, 2008

That's what little boys are made of!

Don't you just love little boys? They're all wild and silly - particularly when you're trying to photograph them. Regardless of the chaos, I loved photographing these two. They had a great time doing everything but sitting still - despite their mother's best attempts at getting them to focus. They're 20 months apart - just like my boys - so you'd think I would have been great at controlling the situation. Uh, not so much...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rust Can Be Beautiful?

I visited the Southeastern Railway Museum today for a photo field trip. As usual it took me about 45 minutes to figure out what I wanted to shoot, but then it got fun. I never thought that rust could be beautiful. It's rust, right? Whatever it covers you're gonna end up throwing out. But, after two hours of climbing in and out of these aging beasts, and wriggling around on my knees and belly for a bunch of shots, I found myself appreciating the grime.

The museum has some really cool trains - old Amtrak sleeper cars, MARTA cars and several working trains that will take the little ones back and forth for a short ride. It's also super cheap to get in - 8$ for adults/4$ for kids under 12. It's worth the visit. Today they even had Santa - on a train. Anyway, below are a few shots from the day. Choo choo!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fall Fun

We moved to our new house in Georgia a year ago this month, and we've been blessed with the most wonderful neighbors. Exhibit A - the Wearnes and their three adorable children, one of which (middle child Charlotte), Sam and Jack will eventually fight over. This high school choral director/piano teacher extraordinaire and state education department professional (sorry Eric, not sure what exactly you do) make the cutest couple - alas my sister's age, so again I'm old. But, besides that, they and others in the neighborhood and at our new church have made Bill and I feel so welcomed and "part of the group." We've really enjoyed getting to know this family better, and of course, I was super anxious to get these kids digitized.

"We have friends in GA," Bill and I often say to each other because of folks like the Wearnes. Don't get me wrong, I can never replace my PA friends, but this is the suburban soccer mom/dad lifestyle - as cliche as it might sound - we had hoped to luck into when we moved to Suwanee. And, thankfully we got exactly what we wanted - in spades.

A Horse is a Horse - Of Course

I took the boys to the Southern Cross Ranch ( in Madison on Sunday to meet up with my brother Jay and his family. What an amazing place. Two hundred horses, riding available daily, yummy (and I mean yummy) homemade meals and treats - like coconut sorbet served in the coconut shell.

The boys and I had a great day visiting with the cousins and meeting new friends like Sioux and Switch - two gorgeous and gentle horses available for 2-hr rides through the woods. Sam had a great time brushing Switch's belly, and Jack insists Uncle Jay's horse was named Soup. Who cares, he says it so cute - Soup it is!

And, to top it off, it was a perfect Fall Georgia afternoon. We didn't get to ride unfortunately, but we'll DEFINITELY be back. Thanks for the invite Jay and Carrie. Great seeing y'all. Beautiful Switch

Monday, November 3, 2008

Proud Mom

Quick break from my photo posts for this breaking news update: Sam is now a jr. orange belt! Here's a quick clip, albeit grainy, of my Sam breaking a board for his jr. orange belt test. Next time I'll bring my real camera to his test. Watch for the after-excitement. He's the one closest to the camera. Go Sam!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ah, the family photo shoot

My sister-in-law asked me to photograph her kids for their Christmas cards this year, and of course I happily accepted. They are lovely kids/young adults, and I really enjoy being around them. Who wouldn't? They make me laugh, pick on me and remind me how old I am. Super, huh?

For this shoot I suggested my new favorite park in Suwanee, and luckily today was one of those perfect Georgia October days - a great day to shoot. After taking some time to convince the youngest, Luke (12), that it was okay to sit close to his sisters, I managed to get a few keepers for the holidays and just for fun. Happy Fall!

Happy Halloween

I thought Halloween would never come to an end. It started when I enthusiastically decorated the house on October 1st and finally ended on Friday with too much candy leftover. How'd that happen? While I normally don't seek out sweets, I just can't seem to walk by the candy bucket without digging in. It's a just a fun-size Twix - or two or three - how bad can that be for you?

Anyhoo, below are a few faves from the weekend and school parade.

Lightyear, Buzz Lightyear
Me and Side-show Bob, uh Bill