Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Harveys

Another great trip to the Harveys this past week. I don't know what it is, but those shoots (we've now completed our third) are just so much fun. Perhaps it was the GORGEOUS Georgia afternoon that carried us along so happily, but I suspect it's because these folks are so natural in front of the camera.

This time, I spent most of the time chasing Be-ah (aka Ben) and Sam around their backyard and cracking up at Ben's silly faces. Funny sidebar: "Be-ah" is what Sam calls big brother Ben and, according to his mother, got that from the way she calls him when she needs him, "Beah-en." Two-syllabled, so naturally you can see how Sam got Be-ah. How adorable is that??

Below are some of the pics from the day. Thanks again guys!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Smushy face, Huggie bear

On Saturday, my brother, sister-in-law, niece and brand-spankin-new baby nephew came for their first visit to Suwanee. For reference, this is my Army brother who was just recently stationed at Fort Gordon, GA. The boys were so excited about the visit this weekend and couldn't wait to see their aunt and uncle, and I couldn't wait to get my mitts on that baby.

At two months Liam is already smiling and is just the cutest thing! He looks nothing like my brother Ian, although I did see flashes of him in certain instances. He was such a good baby the whole day and was passed from person to person without much fuss. I forgot how often the ity bity ones need to eat and be changed -- this kid ate every 90 minutes or so and hollered for it each time. (Yup, we're definitely done at two, thank you very much. No going back to those days!)

Liam (baby, baby Liam, baby Leo according to Sam and Jack) also generously slept through dinner while the rest of us chowed at our favorite local noisy Mexican cantina. Certainly nice of him don't ya think?!

So, while I didn't want to have the camera in the baby's face the whole day, I HAD to get a few while they were here. I'm just glad we'll have them around these parts a while so we can watch this little guy grow up.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Notice anything?

I have a new look! No, I haven't gotten my braces off yet, but I do have a nifty new logo. My friend Jenny, who reps my fave new jewelry line, happens to be married to a lovely fellow (Derek) who HAPPENS to be a graphic designer (they also have the most gorgeous kids). Well, one day a few weeks ago I sheepishly asked if he might be interested in helping me design a new look - my old logo wasn't quite what I had hoped for - and lo and behold he said yes! Whoo hoo!

After discussing what I was looking for: something more professional, fun, feminine, etc., he gave me a bunch of different options to look at - all were quite good. We whittled it down some, and he let me tinker a bit (I'm sure I drove him nuts), and finally we landed on what you see here. THEN, he went WAY above and beyond and designed a handout and stand up display sign that I can use while my new biz cards are on order (Derek, I'll be calling ya soon about that).

I just love the new design, and Derek was so great to work with. I can't wait to start using this stuff. Hey, if you need a good designer some day - call me - I gotta guy.

How cute is the little clothes line?