Thursday, April 1, 2010

So we got a dog

We have a dog. His name is Gus. Our story begins here.

I've never had a dog before - always cats. Always black or black and white cats. I don't know how to raise a dog and, compared to cats, dogs need raising. Dog people always seemed like crazy zealots to me (yes you Barb, Dad).

Bill and I have debated for years the proper place of a dog in the family - with emphasis on IN the family. Bill was raised on a farm with OUTSIDE dogs. I'm from Pennsylvania where it's cold, so what the heck is an OUTSIDE dog?? All dogs go outside right? No no, "they live outside," says Bill. "What on Earth is the point in that," says me??? So on and on we went with my friends piling on in support of INSIDE dogs when they had the chance (thanks Linda and Donna).

Flash forward about a year: Bill warmed up to the idea of a family dog and almost immediately we were standing in the SPCA adopting a dog. Gus is a 4-month old lab (boxer?) mix. He was a stray and we rescued him.

He's adorable. He's a lovey. He's hard to potty train. My house is now filled with dog toys and supplies. The kids love him, I love him. I'm tired, I smell like dog. I've questioned our decision a few times. He's doing better with the potty (thanks Taylor). Bill likes him.

And now I'm crazy zealot with, of course, a black and white dog. He lives inside.

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